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How it works.

Are you a Christian who is seriously struggling with doubts? A non-Christian seeker who has sincere questions about the Christian faith? Or have you recently lost your faith and want to explore whether your reasons for loss-of-faith were really rational?

Fill out the form below and we will do our best to schedule a live 1-on-1 video call via Zoom with one of our team members with expertise specific to the field of your question. Note that occasionally we may put you in contact with two of our team members who will both connect with you via a Zoom call.

NB: Please remember to check your spam folder if you fail to hear from us.

submit a question

Submit a question.

Submit your doubt or questions confidentially below and one of our team will be in touch to setup a 1-on-1 meeting via video.


    “There is a massive need to help Christians and seekers with serious doubts about God. I am thrilled and honored to support this new ministry that will come alongside people wrestling through their relationship with God. I highly recommend it as an important ministry of the church today.”

    Dr Sean McDowell (associate professor of Christian apologetics at Talbot School of Theology)

    “In a world racked by so much confusion and doubt I am excited to endorse this helpful website. If you’re looking for a safe spot to work through your doubts with a trusted navigator then this site is for you. From one doubter to another, don’t lose hope. He’s got you, my friend!”

    Dr Bobby Conway (host of the One Minute Apologist, author of Doubting Towards Faith)

    “In an age of disenchantment, deconversion, and information saturation, it can be difficult to believe in God. It is not always clear where to turn either. This ministry is exactly what we need: a place to turn to talk to experts on faith about our most pressing questions. I highly recommend this resource to anyone who wonders how Jesus and the gospel answer all the deep questions about life.”

    Dr Paul Gould (associate professor and director of the M.A. in philosophy of religion at Palm Beach Atlantic University)

    “I wish this incredible resource was available when I was going through my own season of doubt and nobody I knew seemed prepared to answer, or even think about my questions. I eventually found good answers on my own and made it through that time stronger in faith than ever before. But so many who share the beginning of my story don’t share its end. I wholeheartedly recommend TalkAboutDoubts.com for those who are now going through what I once went through. If you have a head full of serious and sincere questions about the truth of Christianity but nobody you know seems equipped to help you through it with more than pat answers, check out this amazing, free resource. They’ve got time, and answers, for you.”

    Pastor Mike Winger (teacher at BibleThinker.org)

    The Collective.

    A few of the people who are part of the TalkAboutDoubts.com team.

    Dr Tim McGrew

    Academic Field: Philosophy PhD

    Dr Stephen Meyer

    Academic Field: Philosophy PhD

    Dr Jonathan McLatchie

    Academic Field: Biology PhD

    Dr Justin Bass

    Academic Field: New Testament PhD

    Dr David Galloway

    Academic Field: Medical Physician MD DSc

    Dr Max Baker-Hytch

    Academic Field: Philosophy PhD

    Kyle Huitt

    Academic Field: Philosophy PhD Cand.

    Wesley Huff

    Academic Field: New Testament PhD Cand.

    Dr Luke Barnes

    Academic Field: Astronomy PhD

    Dr Reitze Rodseth

    Academic Field: Anaesthesiology PhD

    Lisa Quintana

    Academic Field: Apologetics MA

    Rudolph Boshoff

    Academic Field: Islamics MTh

    Tim Hull

    Academic Field: Apologetics BA Cand.

    Allen Hainline

    Software and Systems Engineering MSc

    Dr Guillaume Bignon

    Academic Field: Philosophical Theology PhD

    Dr Eric Vestrup

    Academic Field: Statistics PhD

    Dr Chris Winchester

    Academic Field: New Testament PhD

    Vladimir Susic

    Academic Field: Islamics Autodidact

    Pierre le Roux

    Academic Field: Biology PhD Cand.

    Daniel Woolnough

    Academic Field: Philosophy DPhil Cand.

    Dr Julie Reese

    Academic Field: Psychology PhD

    Dr Casey Luskin

    Academic Field: Geology PhD

    Dr Brandon Eidson

    Academic Field: Engineering PhD

    Dr Andrew McNeill

    Academic Field: Psychology PhD

    Dr Daniel Maritz

    Academic Field: Theology PhD

    David Deane

    Academic Field: Philosophy MA

    Dr Brian Miller

    Academic Field: Physics PhD

    Dr Mike Keas

    Academic Field: History of Science PhD

    David Pallmann

    Academic Field: Philosophy Autodidact

    Dr Titus Kennedy

    Academic Field: Biblical Archaeology PhD

    Ryan Pauly

    Academic Field: Apologetics MA

    Erik Manning

    Academic Field: New Testament Autodidact

    Abigail Carreon

    Academic Field: Apologetics MA

    Jordan Tong

    Academic Field: Emotional Doubts

    Joshua Anderson

    Academic Field: Philosophical Theology PhD Cand.

    Dr C. John Collins

    Academic Field: Hebrew PhD

    Tom Gilson

    Academic Field: Psychology MS

    Carson Weitnauer

    Academic Field: Philosophy BA

    Dr Jason Neill

    Academic Field: Psychology PhD

    Dr Emily Reeves

    Academic Field: Biochemistry PhD

    Terrell Clemmons

    Academic Field: Computer Science BS

    Richard Porter

    Academic Field: Apologetics Autodidact

    David McGrew


    Jonathan Daugherty

    Academic Field: Sexual Addiction

    Juuna’e Dai’Re

    Academic Field: Apologetics Autodidact

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